PALS is the volunteer component of the Walenstein Musical Organization. It is one of the most important parts of our institution. Its primary objective is to help maintain the quality and integrity of the directives of WMO through fundraising, marketing, planning, execution of the different events, as well as the administrative functioning.

Why volunteer for the Walenstein Musical Organization?

When you volunteer for WMO, you can:

      Make new friends.

  •       Explore career and personal interests.
  •       Earn great recommendations for future employment or college applications.
  •       Develop marketable job skills.
  •       Build your resume.
  •       Enrich your education.
  •       Increase your self-confidence.
  •       Have fun!!
  •       Make a difference. 

What are some of the Volunteer Membership Benefits?

As a volunteer member, some of the benefits you will receive include:

      Free tickets to all Walenstein events.

  •       Special annual volunteer awards banquet.
  •       Gift certificates from a variety of stores and supermarkets.
  •       High school students receive community service hours.
  •       WMO PALS points program where you can decide exactly how you want to benefit from your philanthropy. 

How does the PALS points program work?

The PALS points program is a reward program where volunteers receive 5% of total amount of funds raised through sales of products or services in the form of points. There are many other ways to rapidly increase the accumulation of points. Such as:

      20 points for each hour of performance, where you perform in a special fundraising event.

  •       4 points for every concert ticket you sold valued at $20.
  •       3 points for selling one T-shirt or other WMO products. 

These PALS points can be exchanged for airline tickets, cruises, hotel and resort accommodations, and of course, products from WMO’s upcoming online store.

There will be special promotions where the amount of points per service of product will considerably increase. These promotions will be sent to each member via email.

How do I register to become a volunteer?

The application process is quite simple! Please submit the following application form to the address listed below. It helps us find the best way to put your specific talents to good use. Feel free to contact us if you have and questions. We look forward to having you as one of our PALS!